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Stove Top Wax Warmer


Stylish heavy duty cast iron pan for warming fragranced wax melts on top of your log burner, multi-fuel stove or kitchen Aga. The pan features a footed base which diffuses the heat, a sturdy shaped wooden handle, and a removable lid. Pop a fragranced wax melt into the pan and place on top of your heated stove. The wax will melt within minutes and if used with a stove fan, the fragrance will be quickly distributed around your home. Utilizing the heat from your stove eliminates the fire risk associated with burning tea lights. Can also be used for warming fragrance oils in water as well as burning incense. This attractive stove accessory is practical, efficient and very stylish!


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Cast Iron Stove Wax Warmer £14.99

  • The cast iron pan will become very hot when placed on a heated stove.

    Do not touch the pan unless using heat proof/oven gloves.

    Avoid over filling the pan to prevent spillage.

    Do not leave heated wax unattended.

    Once the melted wax no longer releases fragrance, it should be carefully disposed of before adding fresh wax.

  • Pan diameter: 7cm

    Pan height including lid: 6cm

    Handle length: 7cm

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