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Fairy Kisses A fleeting dream now the fairy ring is complete- A radiant addition in the magical tradition of fairy scents. As bright as the morning sun, glinting on a stream. Soft and sweet, warm and sparkling.


Bring a touch of luxurious fragrance into your home with this elegant candle from Lily-Flame.


Beautifully presented in a stylish re-useable glass jar complete with lid, which can be used for snuffing out neatly and preserving the burn time.

Fairy Kisses Candle Jar by Lily-Flame

  • To maximise your candle's burn times, always allow your candle to become molten across the entire surface before extinguishing the flame.

    After burning, trim your candle's wick to just below 1cm, do not allow the excess wick to fall back into the molten wax. Instead of blowing out your candle, snuff it to prevent the wick from smouldering.

  • Burn Time - 50 hours

    Dimensions - 11cm x 9cm

    Hand made in Somerset

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