Cote Noire Signature Rose Bouquet Diffuser

This beautiful arrangement is skilfully hand crafted to look and feel like the roses have just been freshly picked from a garden. Each flower is made with a special coating to give every petal a natural cool touch & appearance. The blooms are infused with the finest rose fragrance and then set with foliage in a beautiful black glass container with clear aqua gel. Included with your Signature Rose Bouquet is Cote Noire's gorgeous perfume which you can spray directly onto the roses to refresh & enhance the scent. 


Spray lightly with water once a week to maintain fresh appearance.

Cote Noire Signature Rose Bouquet Diffuser

    • Perfumed Pink Rose Bouquet with Foliage
    • Black Glass Vase
    • Rose Petal Fragrance: pink rose, peony, iris
    • Rose Oud Fragrance: peony, Turkish rose, rose oud
    • Comes beautifully packaged in a Presentation Gift Box
    • Dimensions: H20xW20xD20cm