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Fiddlehead Mulberry Burrow

This quirky single storey property nestles discreetly within its own private embankment. Mulberry Burrow is perfectly positioned for maximum protection from the elements, and features a fabulous space for a cheeky little sunbathing terrace or rooftop garden. This property boasts an imposing medieval stone hallway and excellent kerb appeal. Offers superb access for fairies of all ages.


Create a magical indoor feature in a plant pot or basket, on a shelf or in a cabinet. Add artificial florals, twigs and led lighting...and see it all come to life!


You could even build a whole secret fairy village outdoors. All the houses are hollow so it is really easy to add solar powered fairy lights to illuminate everything at night! You can even watch the twinkling lights sparkle through the little windows and opening doors.


Approximate Length 20cm

Fiddlehead Mulberry Burrow

  • Based in the USA, Fiddlehead is one of the longest established designers and manufacturers of fairy garden products. All the fairy houses and accessories are incredibly detailed, made from resin and suitable for use inside and outdoors as well.

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