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Unique Fairy Tree House Floor Lamp £299.00

Our stunning floor lamp is a One Of A Kind artistic creation, designed and hand made exclusively for Swagbox.


Particulars of Sale

Truly bespoke and highly desirable freehold residence in prime rural location now available to purchase direct from current owner. This exclusive and unique property is fresh to market and is not available to purchase or let through any Estate Agent or third party. Included in the sale of this very unique dwelling, is the sitting tenant/fairy caretaker, who is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the property.

No stamp duty payable on this purchase.


Property Features

This whimsical dwelling has been constructed from foraged natural twigs, leaves and moss over a sturdy metal frame, and decorated to an exceptionally high standard with faux florals, berries and leaves. The open living space features three large access windows complete with sparkling gold mesh drapes which diffuse the light perfectly. Each aspect is surrounded by beautiful balcony gardens meticulously created over a wired hessian foundation. 

Included in the sale of this very unique residence is a sitting fairy tenant who will be responsible for the property's upkeep. You may select any Poseable Fairy Art Doll from our collection.


This One Of A Kind artistic creation is a fully functioning electric floor lamp. Keep out of the reach of children, and do not allow it to be used as a toy!


One Of A Kind Fairy House Floor Lamp £299.00

  • The base of the lamp shade is oval, and features a fixed gimbal to fit most standard 28mm UK fittings.


    Shade Height:  65cm

    Shade Width: 41cm

    Shade Depth:  33cm

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